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Data Access Collector Connection Failure

Question asked by Diane Stotz on Feb 19, 2021
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2021 by Ian Staines

Data Access Collector


First time we are trying to configure DAG however we are unable to get past the "connection" portion.

- Firewall ports are open - we see NO denys - firewall team has verified the same

- We are trying to connect to the SQL Stealthbits server with the SAME user we use to build the host.

- The user is an AD account with access to the SQL database

- I am able to RDP into this host outside of the IGL application using the same user/password and it is successful

- I am unable to connect to the same host/database using the DAC.


has anyone seen this?  I have a case open, but I am not making any progress so looking for any assistance here as well.


Yes... the password and user are correct.


Thank you!