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10.5 impressions

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jul 30, 2015
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Hi, guys,


I just wanted to say how cool 10.5 is. I was using SA since beta till 10.3 (and since envision+NW times) and 10.5 is a leap forward

What I liked the most:

- interface is not laggy at all even with 16Gb RAM!

- setup is straightforward and clean, deploying and integrating 8 modules took only a couple of hours (I remember in previous versions I had to install some modules by hand, getting rpms from support, etc...)

- New licensing model is great! You get all modules except MA and pay only for packet/EPS throughput.

- a lot of new features added, I didn't go deep enough, but health and wellness and ESA interface are great! BTW what features do any of you liked the most?


I think SA still lacks module for SSL insight (clients forced to buy DPI/proxy solutions only for SSL decryption, and they do not need many of other perks they give as relevant solutions are already in place) and DLP module (even a basic one with identifying fingerprinted docs in traffic would be great for investigations). And IPDB extractor service setup is still not automated. What features or modules would other users like to see?


Keep up the good work!