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Working with Role Data Collectors RDC's

Question asked by Sasha Browning on Aug 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Sasha Browning

I'm setting up a RDC and am trying to implement something.


I've got a back-end database that shows all roles and role assignments.  As a matter of fact I've just created parent roles so it looks like this:


Level 0: Role Set: Departmental Roles

Level 1: Role (Parent): All Human Resources

Level 2: Role (regular): HR Generalist, HR VP, HR Administrator, ....



Note - when I go into the Parent Role I see all the regular (or essentially child roles there).  I may swap this around - making parent role just regular; and then demoting the level 2 to a child role, but no matter....




I can get the roles and members configured just fine.  I haven't integrated groups (entitlements) to the roles quite yet, but it's getting there.


What I want to show how a user is associated with the Level 2 role (default - by membership rule; or additional role - just picking up roles temporarily/long term/etc).  I have a value in my database set to denote this.  My problem: how do I collect this and display it in the role membership tab?


I have tried creating attributes in the following: group, role, entitlement, but none of these will actually show up in the role data collector setup wizard.


Have any of you played around with roles?