Please take a look at strange messages in Events

Discussion created by aleksey on Oct 31, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2012 by Alexandros Marinos
Hello, today i saw strange messages in Events, as example: 40 2011/10/31 11:14:01.300 CET %NIC-1-919010: NIC:MYDOMAIN:MYDOMAIN-AS1 stamp=Oct 31 11:12:42 type=1601 level=4 niccategory=99 event_category=9999999999 addr= deviceclass=SYSTEM msg_id=507153 view_id=fa3f9468-a579-4122-b97c-987cc66f7d52 view_name=NIC_View device_id=f4a02ba1-9db1-4816-b4c0-9c60334f9e7a lp= status=0 coreid=vfa3f9468-a579-4122-b97c-987cc66f7d52_c1998_NIC_LOCATOR_201110311114012795 ipmatch=0 ip_addr_1= ip_count_1=0 ip_addr_2= ip_count_2=0 ip_addr_3= ip_count_3=0 device_type=100 source_ipr= destin_ipr= msg=%NIC-1-507153: Locator, Locator, -, -, -, -, Detail: 4136: DataStorageDirectory \\\vol1\nic\lsnode\MYDOMAIN-LC1 Not Found, Not accessible or manual switch requested at 20.42 %FULL, with No DataStorageDirectory with free space on node MYDOMAIN-LC1 What does it mean?