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Problem for implementing Microsoft Operation Manager supported device.

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Aug 6, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2008 by RSA Admin

I meet serious problem to adding "Microsoft Operation Manager (MoM)" to "enVision".


Initially, I thought this problem was due to "enVision" version (3.5.1 b084). However, from a few weeks I have updated to 3.5.2 b170.

Indeed more accurately, my problem can be detailed like this: "all logs collected for our MoM plateform (MoM is hosted on a W2K3 server) are recognized like Windows asset, not like MoM asset.


Thus, my only question is "Have you already succeed to implement MoM to envision? ".


I don't want especially a technical support reply, but I would like keep believing MoM is really supported...


Thanks enVision-ers,