enVision 4.1 is here!

Discussion created by scarielli Employee on Sep 28, 2011
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This afternoon, several notes went out on RSA SecurCare Online (SCOL) to announce several new releases related to enVision:


  • First and foremost, enVision 4.1 is now available.  4.1 features several long awaited features, including ES virtualization, report performance improvements and usability enhancements.  We will be spotlighting 4.1 for the next several weeks on the community.  To go with enVision 4.1, we have also released Patch 1, a rollup of hotfixes.
  • In concert with enVision 4.1, we also have released an updated version of Event Explorer.  Event Explorer 4.1 contains all of the new features that we highlighted in EE 4.0.3 and is compatible with enVision 4.1.
  • The EventSource Integrator tool (ESI) also has a new release (version 1.2).
  • FInally, Patch 4 of enVision 4.0 SP4 is now available.