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Web Based EE Commands

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Feb 29, 2008

Attached is an example of how to add call a web based Command from Event Explorer. In this example the contents of any standard table cell can quickly be searched for in Google through the Run command.


This Command is designed for Windows only, and assumes that you have Internet Explorer installed (like you really have a choice). This method will work with any web based tool that accepts criteria as a post, meaning that the value you are passing in is contained in the URL.


The value you are passing in the command is represented by %1 in the URL, feel free to create your own variations and post them back to the community.


To install,

1. Extract the Zip to your EE client's HDD

2. In EE, Go to Tools --> Command Manager

3. Click the "Add New Command" Button, and point to these files