Announcing RSA enVision Event Explorer 4.0.1

Discussion created by PaulS1 on Dec 15, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2009 by Charles Beierle

Today RSA enVision Event Explorer v4.0.1 was made generally available on SCOL for download

The new release has some significant and long-awaited usability enhancements including:

·         New chart types, like bubble charts and spider charts. This gives you more options to display information as intuitively as possible

·         “Drill down” functionality. This allows you to see the actual event data that pertains to a segment in a pie chart, a bar in a bar chart, or a data point is a line graph

·         Pan and zoom. This lets you hone in on interesting sections of a chart to expose more detail

·         Single click export. This lets you export data into a CSV or picture much more easily so you can share it with non-enVision users

 This is in response to many customer and prospect requests and should help to make your lives easier, especially during the incident response process.

 We’re planning on a couple more releases of Event Explorer over the next 12 months, so as you get familiar with the new version we’d love your feedback