Collecting logs from individual ESX servers in the VMWare infrastructure setup

Discussion created by madansudhindra on Mar 31, 2010
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Hello Everyone, 

We had an "event" today wherewe had an issue with one of our ESX hosts, and a machine running on that host crashed. An error was logged in Virtal Center "


** VMware ESX Server internal monitor error *** vmk: vcpu-0:Unable to read swapped out PPN(0x9e2d) from swap slot(0x10695b5) for VM(2766)..."


This message was never retrieved by the VMWare collector service.

Are we missing something here, or are such errors simply "out-of-scope" for the VMWare collector service. If "out-of-scope" is there a way to collect such logs from the ESX host itself.



Madan Sudhindra