Re-run for Scheduled Reports Feature Request

Discussion created by securitysavy on Jun 22, 2011
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This is now available in 4.0 sp4 patch 5!  woohoo!


Community - please note your interest in this feature with a note if you like it.


ESE-484 -  If you wish to request this as well from RSA support.


Due to the sheer number of scheduled reports that run and the fact that we find our enVision system crashing for reasons still not identified by support we want to have a “Re-run Scheduled Report” feature.  To assure that customers can always re-run a missed or failed report, please implement the ability in the enVision web GUI Report section to re-run one or more Scheduled Reports as from a specific date/time in the past to assure the correct data is contained in the report.



  1.  On the Scheduled Reports window add a “Re-run Scheduled Report...”, button.  Have this button trigger a prompt for a date/time to act as it “run time” and then execute it “immediately”.  This should trigger the Scheduled Report to run as it normally would in the Manage Reports section, and NOT in an interactive fashion.


  1. A series of 150 scheduled reports is scheduled to run on 6/1/2011 at 11 PM, but they all fail to run properly.
  2. Someone notifies the enVision administrator the next day that they cannot find the specific reports for the timeframe covered.  Please note that they may receive the reports via email as part of regulatory measures.
  3. The enVision administrator logs into enVision and goes to the Scheduled Reports section and select to re-run the scheduled reports by way of a checkbox column, and a “Re-run Scheduled Report(s)” button, which prompts the user for a date/time to act like it is running at so that the data is properly maintained for the Relative Time Frame feature (i.e., Last Week) and the output performs the expected output actions, goes to the proper location on the Report Results Calendar and file folder structure.
  4. When completed, all reports appear in their expected location(s) so no new process or communication needs to occur to assure that the reports can be located.  There was only a delay in the receipt of the reports.


We feel that this failsafe feature is critical to RSA enVision as we always have reports failing to run (or needing to be refreshed) for several reasons.  When the number of failed reports is over a few (which is VERY common) the effort is too much for the business to bear and an automated solution to re-run them is imperative.


We also know that the functionality is possible to implement, in general, based on PS efforts in the past.  We just ask that this be fully and properly incorporated into the application.