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How to create custom Report folders in enVision Reports AdHoc overview

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jun 26, 2008
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When you want to create and display induvidual folders within enVision AdHoc overview use the following steps:

This is a manual process but very easy. 


1. Log on localy on to the console of your EnVision ES appliance or AS Server(LS-setup).

2. Go into E:\nic\<envision version>\<sitename>\etc\reports\custom.

3. Create the new folder here and it will show up on the root of the tree.  for example if you created a folder \reports\custom\security\SOC you would now have a soc report folder under the security menu.

4. Now, restart the NIC web server service for the changes to be picked up.

Goto Administrator Tools --> Services(local) --> NIC Web Server




Martin de Jongh

SE RSA enVision