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Discussion created by Hernan Perez on Feb 20, 2008
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I'm creating an UDS for an application that generates events like this:

Fri 01/18 23:55:01.519  Header: Description ...

I'm trying to get the real timestamp of each event, but having no year field is causing us problems. The Universal Device Support Guide says it's not a problem if we have no year field, as enVision will get the year when the event is actually collected, but the truth is all we can get is some date in 1970 (I guess it gives no year to our events and calculates the date from the starting point of the Unix time).

The time shown above would turn into this: 1970-01-18 23:55:01

This is the definition of our header:

        devts="TS(&apos;%M %D %H:%T:%S&apos;,month,day,time)"
        content="&lt;fld1&gt; &lt;month&gt;/&lt;day&gt; &lt;time&gt; &lt;messageid&gt;: &lt;!payload&gt;" />

Any help with this would be really appreciated.