Stephanie LaPilusa

Multiple Alerts for Single Event

Discussion created by Stephanie LaPilusa on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2012 by RSA Admin
Has anyone run into an issue where they get multiple alerts for a single event? I installed Patch 7 last week and ever since then, we've been getting hundreds of duplicate alerts for a single event. I have a ticket open, but was curious if anyone else has come across something like this. We tried created new views, but no luck. I've tried bouncing the Alerter, no luck. Even after bouncing, they are still coming in. Since I've bounced, I've had 2 alerts come in...both from 4/23/12 at 10:41:48 for the same event, but the alerts came in today at 10:55 and 11:29. ???? I should say this is only happening for our Windows Alerts. If I watch what's coming in, the same information is getting sent over & over to enVision. I see it pulling data from Sept 2011 when the lastest log event on the actual windows host is a day ago. Where is it getting this information from?