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Event Source XML not updating on collectors

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Nov 1, 2010

It's been a while since I ran an ESU. I ran one recently, only on the A-SRV, and haven't seen it replicate to all other servers in my LS.


All the .xml on my collectors is the same, and different from the A-SRv and DSRv, which are the same.


Am I wrong thinking that the A-SRV is supposed to update the .xml and .ini on all my collectors? (See Below)



How the Event Source Update Works

You only run the enVision Event Source executable from the A-SRV running the NIC App Server Service. The executable replicates the update to all nodes in your enVision domain, then it executes the update on each node.


The Event Source Update executable monitors the execution of the update on the appliance on which it is running. You must still use the enVision Event Viewer to monitor the update progress on all other appliances in the site and the enVision domain.