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Help needed - Bluecoat: using SQL statement to display CountURL over 10 hits

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Feb 4, 2011
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After a bit of help and not sure if what I am doing is possible... Although I would hope it is...


I have a report which shows the URLs accessed and the number of hits generated per URL, which is handled by the Count(URL) column. If I wanted to restrict the report so it only show rows that have hits of >10 (for example) what would the SQL clause be? Note: the 'Count(URL)' column in not available in the 'Insert SQL COlumn' and the report table is Web Accounting.


So I suppose I am asking two questions... One for the Bluecoat reports and one for SQL parameters and whether it is possible to insert an SQL query for arguments that don't appear in the pre-populated arguments list.


Thanks in advance.