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Offline Log archival process

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on May 18, 2010
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Hello there,

The logs are currently stored in the 2.7TB NAS and we will run out of  disk space down the line. Here is the high-level architecture. We have three RSA enVision (Win2k3) servers and one storage box in our primary datacenter and one RSA server (remote collector) in secondary DC. Log collection and processing is done by the servers and stored directly in the NAS. Four volumes are created in the NAS (vol0, vol1, vol2 & vol3) and the following storage space is allocated to each volume:
vol0 - 935.50GB
vol1 - 679.47GB
vol2 - 679.47GB
vol3 - 679.47GB

Currently vol1 is almost full and we wish to backup this data in a tape. The logs are stored in RSA custom file format. Please share with me how do you accomplish backup of logs in your organization or do you simply purge the logs on a periodic basis.