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Event Source update dec 2010 install crashed appliance

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Dec 22, 2010
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I was installing the latest esu


and while the install was running, the appliance crashed and rebooted.


I'm running 4.0sp3 and I had checked all the updates to be applied.


The last line in autoupdatelog.log says:


INFO  22 <date time was here>,264 %NIC-6-701014: AutomaticUpdate, XmlMigrator, -, file, 20101206-104928/tippingpoint_20101129-121135, Detail: 1: date_time: <date time>, package_id: 20101206-104928, patch_id: tippingpoint_20101129-121135, EventSource: tippingpoint, Migrating custom changes "e:\nic\backup\20101206-104928\tippingpoint_20101129-121135\etc\devices\tippingpoint\tippingpointmsg.xml" to "e:\nic\4000\PHL-EAO-SIM-ES\etc\devices\tippingpoint\tippingpointmsg.xml".


There is an event log entry which says, "The previous system shutdown at ... was unexpected."