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Scheduled Reports Folder Not Showing Up?

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Mar 18, 2011
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I have created a scheduled report folder called "PCI" living at the same level as "Default".  I've also created several subfolders under PCI which are PCI Section.  (i.e., Section 1.1.1, etc.).


When I try to schedule a report (to run immediately or on a schedule), it looks like the report goes from "Manage Scheduled Reports" to "Manage Reports" section of enVision...but when I go to "Manage Reports", I do not see the scheduled report building.  (I do see the dashboard reports and any report that goes to the Default folder).


When I go up to the Scheduled Reports section of enVision on the Reports tab, I do not see my PCI folder or any of the subfolders.  I also do not see any of the reports I've scheduled.


I am an enVision administrator, I have the permissions set at the default level (i.e., I can schedule and Read/Exec reports). 


I am on 4.0 SP4.  All updated with the latest ESU and OS patches.  What am I missing?  Is there something I haven't enabled in order to create scheduled report folders?