Install envision 4.1 from scratch on a SYS-G-RSA500 model 560

Discussion created by PiMB on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by PiMB
Hi folks! I want to reinstall a envision appliance (all-in-one) from scratch directly with Envision 4.1. I think that the DVD image delivred with my system was 9021K. Do you think I could use this DVD, and just after install Envision 4.1? Or does a newer DVD image with Envision 4.1 embedded exists? In that case, where should I download it? I remember there is some DVD images on the old Network Intelligence FTP, but it is offline now (replaced by the RSA ftp server), are these images placed in another location? thank you in advance ! PMB