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Create a report with monthy totals

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Oct 20, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2008 by Alan Laurencelle

Has anyone found a way to create a report that shows monthly totals, spanning over several months?


For example, I'm looking for a way to create a graphical report that shows the total number of MessageID's

per month, over a several month period.  Something like this would be used to show the number of failed

logins per month ( May, Jun, July, etc. ). 


Within the Create/Modify Report Window when you select fields there is NOT an option

for selecting something like "DATEFORMAT(Event Time, 'yyyy-mm')". 


Daily totals can be reported with the "DATEFORMAT(Event Time, 'yyyy-mm-dd')" selection, but

I've found no way to report on monthly totals spanning a several month time period.


Is there another way of accomplishing this task without the missing "DATEFORMAT(Event Time, 'yyyy-mm')"

field option?