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SMTP - Mail to send report as link - Problem of segregation- How to modify the Link????

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Nov 27, 2009



Because it exists a bug in enVision regarding the segregation and the report module.

I would like to modify the link, which is included automatically in the mail from enVision.


This link provides the path on How to access to the reports.


But in enVision, all users having the permission to see a report can see all reports of the system.

So regarding the report module, enVision doesn't have a segregation.

This is a big issue, especialy for custumer using enVision in different country, and where user are not authorized to see reports from a specific country, department...


So the workarround find to bypass this issue is:


- Create with IIS a web-server ==> you need to create a Web-server per group of user (if you want a good segregation)

- Configured these web-servers with a dedicated port (because you cannot use the port used by the enVision' web server)

- you need to specify a different location in the report tool, so the path should be the pathrelative to the default web page of your new web server


For example:


You need to generate a report for: France - Germany

You create two web server with IIS, one for France and another for Germany


In the E drive, you need to create a folder called, pireport (E:\pireport)

In this folder you need to create 2 subfolders called (France, Germany)

In the France folder you should have all reports generated for the France Team and in the second folder the Germany team.

Then, you need to configure your web server, to listen in these directories.


In enVision you need to configure two Folder in the Reports module\Report Configuration\MAnage Folder\

- France

- Germany


Then each time you would like to schedule a report for a dedicated team, you need to choose the dedicated folder end the path (E:\pireport)



When the report are generated, enVision will send a Email to your user to tell

"Your report have been generated, we can access to them useing http://YOUR_ENVISION_IP:smileytongue:ORT/


But in reality we can't use this link, because it's not the good link to locate your reports.


So finally that I want is:


HOW you can modify this message in enVision? To include my own location?


Thx in advance