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Ejected mode

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Dec 26, 2012



Im new into this world. This job used to be done by someone else in the company who just quit and left no documentation so now I have to deal with this backup system.


Here is my concern.


I have two save sets running: A Monthly Backup and a Daily Backup. I always check the status of each backup and they are always with a check mark of succesful and 100% completed. But yesterday i noticed that my Daily Backup was completed just to the 95% and Still was running according to its status.


My concern is that the tape where it was supposed to be writen in was in a Ejected status. When i when to the Device tab i also saw that the part where it says Enabled Writing was in blank.. What does that mean? How do i know that my backup is running and writing in the correct volume?