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RSA SecurID's NextOTP function issue.

Question asked by RSA Admin Employee on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2013 by RSA Admin

Now, I'm working with RSA SecurID.

Now, I create an Token and TokenCode is change for 1 minutes.

In other word, after a tokencode's remaining time is passed, next tokencode is showed.

But Now, I want to ignore a tokencode's remaining time.

In other word, When I click the "Next OPT" button, I want to see next tokencode soon without current tokencode's remaining time's ignore.


For this I changed RSA Sample Source


     * Get OTP for the token specified by the token serial number

     * @param tokenSerialNumber serial number of the token

     * @param pin PIN assigned to the token

     * @return OTP information for the token


    Otp getTokenCode(String tokenSerialNumber, String pin)


        Otp otp = null;

        try {

            if(pin == null) { pin = ""; }  //if there is no PIN, use empty string

            //otp = m_lib.getOtp(tokenSerialNumber, pin.getBytes());          // ------------- Old Code

            otp = m_lib.getNextOtp(tokenSerialNumber, pin.getBytes());    // --------------- Changed Code


        catch(SecurIDLibException ex) {




        return otp;



When I click the "Next OTP" button, this function is called. so in this function I changed getOtp to getNextOtp

But now getNextOtp isn't correct. getNextOtp doesn't support Next Otp.

So, About this, I want to someone's help.

Please Help me !!!


thank you.