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Question asked by Matthew Chase Employee on Nov 23, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by RSA Admin

Looking for some detailed answers on NwConsole:


  1. Error handling - using NwConsole in a script and need to implement error handling. What is the list of valid error/return codes that NwConsole can return and what do they mean? It appears that 0 is the default return value regardless of success or failure?
  2. Can NwConsole "track file names" like the SA UI so that we can query if a file has already been loaded?
  3. the NwConsole import command lists the following syntax "import [-noSource] [collection=<collection>] [-create] [node=<node>] filename.ext: I've been able to figure out that -noSource means the sourcefile meta key isn't populated, but what do "collection", "-create" and "node" do?
  4. We're using a single NwConsole command to ingest each pcap file: "NwConsole -c login <decoder ip>:50004 admin <password> -c import <file>" and getting a sporadic error when running the command but only sporadically with the following output:

          >login <ip>:50005 admin <password>  [normal]
           Sever did not return our connection id. Possible cause: SSL may be enabled. [first error message]
           >import <file> [normal]
          You must login first before importing packets to a Decoder." [second error message, probably a result of the first]


Thanks all!