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RSA Security Analytics Warehouse Challenges

Question asked by Deepanshu Sood on Nov 24, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by Chris Thomas

Hello All,


Hope you are doing well. Well on the demand on one of my customer for experiencing the Warehouse feature of RSA SA. I have a POC of RSA SA. So due to this I am creating an lab which includes the SAW component integrated with RSA SA. I am facing challenges while deploying the SAW. Below I am writing few points to better understand my situation.


Details Of A RSA SAW Setup


1) First I have an OVF of RSA SAW on 10.3.2 and I have a lab based on 10.4.02. So just want to confirm is it will create any problem to setup the SAW with RSA SA?


2) Do I need to deploy three separate OVF on my ESXi to get these into a cluster, so that they can become a collectivity make a SAW. Seriously is their any requirement to add the three nodes?


3) After a word with RSA CS, I get an one more confusion that I need to add an extra disk drives into separate SAW node?

Is it really required?


4) For deployment of RSA SAW in my environment, I get an temp licenses from the sales dept of RSA. So have a doubt is it will run? or do I need an permanent license to get it registered and perfectly working with SA.


5) As I refer to documents for SAW, I also require any upgrade package, an RPM file, so that I can upgrade my SAW nodes to the latest version.

If the above point is not feasible, so I can upgrade my SAW nodes to the latest version through the yum-update command? Is it will be a right method to get  it upgraded?


6) According to a video available on BrainShark in RSATube, that we need to deploy the license through the commands.

This is the command to get the SAW licensed "maprcli license add –is_file true –license {license file name}".

Or can we add a temp license on SAW through UI with the latest option available on SA to upload a temp license on any of the appliance.

What method I need to follow?


And also during the licensing process on SAW node 1 through command shell, I am facing some challenges in it.


If someone have any idea, that how to achieve the deployment of SAW, kindly suggest their suggestions and views here. That will be a great help for me, as I am not getting the proper answer on my queries from the support.


Thanks to all in advance.



Deepanshu Sood.