Adding the "SQLtext" column to the enVision Oracle parser.

Discussion created by harootz on Jan 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2012 by securitysavy
Hi, We have a requirement to add the "SQLText"column in Oracle for auditing purpose.The SQLText column display the exact command that was entered by the DB admin form auditing point of view. By default the Oracle query in Envision doesn't have the read function for SQLText. After modifying the default ODBC Type 'data query" I was able to add the SQLText column to it. Once this modification was done my Oracle device type started to turn as Unknown (Assuming that it couldn't match the default parser ). Now I am planning to use the ESI tool to create a new parser using the existing Oracle xml file.The main challenge here is to identify the exact Oracle fields as most of them appear to be numeric or null but then on Envision they are replaced with the exact definition. Has anybody faced a similar situation or had the same requirement? Regards, Haroot