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Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Apr 28, 2011

I'm attempting to pipe system and virus logs from EPO 4.5 to Envision, following the RSA documentation.  So far here's where I'm at:


1. 32-bit ODBC connectors successfully created for epo_system and epo_virus on the envision device. 


2. ODBC configuration successfully created in the envision UI.


3. ODBC service restarted.


4. Seems that system logs are piping, but virus logs are not.  The sqlexpress accounts used for the ODBC connection are super admin, so they should have access to the required tables.


If I check the NIC system logs, I get


%NIC-6-605107: ODBC, ODBC, -, -, -, -, Detail: 7056: epolicy_virus:envision:Configured x.x.x.x as type ePolicyvirus4.5


%NIC-6-508100: Packager, Packager, -, -, -, -, Detail: 4056: Device x.x.x.x (epolicy): 0 messages processed