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Collecting Events from Databases and Database-Reliant Applications

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jun 20, 2008
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There are lots of Applications we don't support out of the box that use an ODBC database as a back end for logging.  This doesn't mean you can't collect those logs in enVision.


You can use enVision's Universal Device Collection (UDC) capability to pull in the logs.


The ODBC configuration is fairly standard, but there can be a lot of nuances. ODBC collection involves "pulling" information out of the remote database using a query that will need to be configured in the Manage ODBC Device Types interface in enVision.


At a high-level, the basic configuration procedure is:

  • Install and/or configure the necessary ODBC driver for the operating system on the enVision collector
  • Create an ODBC Device Type in enVision (including a query)
  • Manage an ODBC Connection in enVision

See the attached slide deck for more information.

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