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Issues with 4.0 upgrade

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Sep 15, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2009 by RSA Admin

I recently upgraded to 4.0. While the upgrade went smooth, I started noticing many issues afterwards:


Memory issues - NIC Server crashing frequently


Custom UDS issues - Netscaler parser that was working beautifully now gives me an access violation error. I recreated the device and it was discovered as "Unknown"


Views errors - I have a multi-site environment and had specific group filters for each site. Now enVision tells me that the views have no devices even though the group filters show the devices there. I have recreated the group filters to no avail.


Support has been able to validate these issues (after many many tries) but have not offered a solution yet.


Is anyody else seeing similar issues? Did find any workarounds?