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Will alert fire when the view it's in is restarting?

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jun 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2010 by RSA Admin

I have a correlated alert ( no multi-threading, no threshold) which is supposed to be triggered by the following messages: Security_624_Security; Security_624_Security:01; Security_624_Security:02.  I think what happened is that the view the alert is in was restarted, while it was restarting aSecurity_624_Security:02 came in and this didn't trigger an alert b/c the view was not done restarting yet?  Does that sound right? I included what I think are the relevant log messages. Any thoughts or alertnative theories would be appreciated.


2010/06/02 08:50:05.068 CDT %NIC-5-608023: Alerter, Alerter, -, -, -, -, Detail: 2732: 1129 Requesting view=Windows Alerts to reset


2010/06/02 08:50:47.109 CDT %NICWIN-4-Security_624_Security: Security,rn=1700813 cid=0x00000007 eid=0x00000270,Wed Jun 02 08:51:04 2010,624,Security,domain1/user1,Success Audit,hostname1,Account Management,,User Account Created: New Account Name: user2  New Domain: domain2 New Account ID: None  Caller User Name: user1  Caller Domain: domain1  Caller Logon ID: (0x0,0xE3F71CE)  Privileges -  Attributes: Sam Account Name: user2  Display Name: <value not set>  User Principal Name: -  Home Directory: <value not set>  Home Drive: <value not set>  Script Path: <value not set>  Profile Path: <value not set>  User Workstations: <value not set>  Password Last Set: <never>  Account Expires: <never>  Primary Group ID: 513  AllowedToDelegateTo: -  Old UAC Value: 0x190030  New UAC Value: 0xB8  User Account Control:     'Temp Duplicate Account' - Enabled    'Workstation Trust Account' - Enabled    'Don't Require Preauth' - Disabled    'Undefined UserAccountControl Bit 19' - Disabled    'Undefined UserAccountControl Bit 20' - Disabled  User Parameters: <value not set>  Sid History: -  Logon Hours: <value changed, but not displayed>


2010/06/02 08:52:01.646 CDT %NIC-1-919010: domain3:ENVISION-AS1 stamp=Jun 02 08:50:05 type=1601 level=4 niccategory=99 event_category=9999999999 addr=y.y.y.y deviceclass=SYSTEM msg_id=608023 view_id=e138ca21-74be-4abb-a891-79f30e499c58 view_name=NIC_View device_id=326bd243-69f2-4ebf-a40d-d19f7308b267 lp=x.x.x.x:5367:4176285452 status=0 coreid=ve138ca21-74be-4abb-a891-79f30e499c58_c1998_NIC_ALERTER_201006020852010004 ipmatch=0 ip_addr_1= ip_count_1=0 ip_addr_2= ip_count_2=0 ip_addr_3= ip_count_3=0 device_type=100 source_ipr= destin_ipr= msg=%NIC-5-608023: Alerter, Alerter, -, -, -, -, Detail: 2732: 1129 Requesting view=Windows Alerts to reset