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Scheduled Reports Periodically Not Running

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jul 29, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2010 by securitysavy

I have been having issues with various scheduled reports not running. Technically, they are running, but an error is preventing any results from being posted in the report. I've searched and found some other posts about issues with reports, but the ones I found seemed to be issues isolated to specific devices or reports. Mine seems to be intermittent, and changes devices and/or reports.


There seems to be an issue on most nights, but it is not always the same reports. I see this issue mostly with various Windows reports, but other devices are affected as well. I can manually run the reports for the same time period, and get the expected results.

An example from last night (this morning) would be a report on IDS activity. I have pulled up the activity in Event Viewer for the NIC System, and filtered to show the IDS activity. I can see the enVision connection to the remote database and event collection as scheduled. When the scheduled reports runs, I receive 2 error messages (please see attachment - IP addresses changed but all else exactly as shown). 


To be honest, i don't have the first clue where to begin troubleshooting this. Tomorrow I will go back and research the errors that may be present in some of the previous reporting failures. If more information is required, please let me know.