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How to setup Windows Event monitoring

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Sep 21, 2011
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Hi all, I've had enVision passed to me after someone installed it and left the company, leaving me no documentation at all! I've reviewed product documentation but I'm still struggling to configure Windows Agentless Event Monitoring.... I've added an IP in the Windows managed service windows but it never appears in the monitored devices section (even though the collector service is set to poll every 5 mins). Any ideas? Also, if I select > analyse a server that is already in the monitored devices section I get the error: "A change has been made that may affect the processing of views and alerts. To have this change take effect, either the alerter service needs to be restarted (using Manage Services) or the specific view needs to be restarted (using Manage Views)." However, after restarting both the alerter service and the NIC view (the only view available) I still get the same error? Desperate for some help so any would be much appreciated!! Thanks, Mike Hibbert