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Emailed PDF reports won't open Corrupted?

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jan 24, 2011
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Problem 1:


I scheduled a bind report to email out PDFs for each report.  I receive the reports however when I click the PDF to try and open it I get an errors from Adobe saying the file isn't a PDF or maybe it is corrupt. I put a 5MB limit on the attachment but the received PDF is only 418bytes or so.


Problem 2:  (Might be related)


When I go to the reports on the scheduled reports page (in envision ui) I can open the PDF however all the reports in the bind link to a single PDF.  So even in envision I am only getting the results of 1 of the many reports in the bind. 



I am sure I did something silly as I am very new to using this system.  Can someone help me debug this?  Has anyone bumped into this before?