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UDS using functions on rise at upgrade

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jul 28, 2008

I've noticed an increase in the use of java functions as part of the UDS of Checkpoint in the latest upgrade to 3.7.   Is this a trend?  - What concerns me is that when the UDS is not done using basic variables - it makes the use of variables for multithreading impossible - thereby killing the ability to alert.  If alerts have already been created prior to upgrade - I believe that they then no longer work - Correct?


If so - is there explicit details in the upgrading notes highlighting this - detailing what vairables for the devices whose UDS has beed modified that is now changed?


I'd ask the same question of the tables identified in the corresponding XML file - are changes to it explicitly shown in the upgrade readme-s or somewhere else?


There may be a notification for both - but I could not find any after our recent upgrade.


The effect was that some reports and alerts of ours were no longer funcitonal.