Table Change for BMC's Control SA Audit

Discussion created by rwengewicz on Jun 25, 2008

Last year I was able to connect to Control SA via ODBC connection to the Oracle DB. As we only wanted the audit tables I decided to use the Access Control table to build the device. But after discussing this in detail with the Control SA team they had wanted some of the fields that had large messages, so I had to rewrite the device again. This time I went with Windows Accounting because there are columns that have 300 characters which will allow for these messages. I think that this is probably the best fit for this considering the need for large fields for the messages, there are 3 message columns that are needed. This seems like the only logical table to use as it allows for a large variety of fields to choose from.


The one issue with BMC is that they do not use microseconds for their date/time in the database. So when it comes to the other tables that Control SA ( ex. Admin, users, etc) You may need to have the DB team set up a unique string identifier for the header. For the Audit tables I used the Serial Number as it was a unique identifer for each entry into the DB. I have to discuss with the Control SA team to see if they even want the Admin table into envision, they may just want audit.


If anyone has worked on this and would like to work together let me know.