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SFTP Setup on enVision LS - Dell 2950 4.1 Image to FairWarning Appliance Problems

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Aug 9, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2012 by RSA Admin
Has anyone successfully setup an SFTP config on enVision LS - Dell 2950 (4.1 Image) to FairWarning Appliance? I am following the documentation, but after using PuTTYgen to generate Public/Private keys, the documentation indicates you must do the following: After you generate the public/private key pair on your event source, you must import the public key onto the RSA enVision platform. To import the new key to the enVision platform: 1. Copy the public.txt file that you created to the \bin directory. 2. From a command prompt, change to the installdir\bin directory, and type: add_winsshd_key.bat public.txt You should receive system feedback saying that the import was successful. If not, run the command again. Next, you either use an existing account or create a new user account for the SFTP Agent Service. I have copied the public.txt file to the \bin directory, but when I try to run the process in step #2, nothing happens. I get no messages indicating anything. I see a MS-DOS window briefly flash and that is it. So, I can not tell if the batch process ran correctly at all. Anyone else have this issue or know if something else is wrong? Thanks!