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enVision monitoring

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jul 19, 2011
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My company has a multiple appliance site (1 D-SRV, 1 A-SRV and 1 LC), which was initially installed and configured in 2008. In the "Overview > System Configuration > Services > Manage Services > Manage Windows Service > Filtered Windows Services:" window, there is a node defined for the D-SRV, the A-SRV and the LC.  All three are disabled. I don't recall ever disabling them, but I have been searching the NIC System messages for "%NIC-5-800708" to see if maybe I did. So far I haven't found any evidence that it was disabled, however I'm still looking. Will someone help me with answers to the following questions?


1. Is enVision configured by default to send Windows events to the IPDB via the Windows Service from the appliances (when it was installed and configured, it was running 3.5, however now it is running v4.0 SP 4)?


2. If I enable the nodes for the 3 appliances, I assume I will need to check the "Multi device" checkbox in "Overview > System Configuration > Devices > Manage Monitored Devices - Add/Modify Device" window for each appliance. Is my assumption correct?