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Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jun 16, 2008

Greetings all,

  The company I work for recently implemented this product. I've been asked to provide developer support at some level a number of times and have been relatively successful.


  The latest request has been to take an export from the utility, (host information) and add our company specific data to the xml so it can be imported back into the appliance. This is easy enough to do, it is a simple matter of adding xml keys to the file.


  So, the big question, is there a way to automate this process? I'm told I can run VBScript on the appliance. I'd like to write a script that automates the export, gets and adds the relevant xml and then imports the new file without user intervention.  Does the product have an SDK or anything? Is there a better place for me to post this question?


Thanks for your time


Ron Hagerman