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Drive Rotation Question

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jan 12, 2010
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We recently expanded our NAS storage. During that time, the storage unit was temporarily offline which wasn't a problem as the data stayed on the LC's for this period. When the NAS came back online, LC2 started writing to a rotation drive. I checked out the help and found this:


Tip:  To make a location the active drive, uncheck the Allow Write Access check box on each of the other locations.  This forces that location to become the active drive at the top of the hour.


Sounded pretty straight forward. I wanted to keep data off the rotation drive we had set up (as a precaution) and thought if I uncheck allow write access sometime after 11pm, I would have a clean switch back to vol2 (in this case) at midnight and then could move the data from rotation to other words a complete day's worth of data, index files, etc would be available to move off of rotation space into vol2 directories.


However, if I look at \logs\datastorage.htm, it looks like the rotation is pending for 6pm tonight instead!! Has anyone discovered a way to control exactly when a storage location can switch? If it would happen at midnight, I'd have a clean switch, if not, the data on the rotation drive is there until expiration.