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Report Calendar - changing default report directory

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Nov 19, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2009 by RSA Admin

Is it possible to change the default Report Directory AND have the report calendar see the daily reports? I have changed the default Report Directory, but the calendar is still only looking in the original default location. I have restarted all the services and even bounced the appliance, but no change. The reports, however, are running to the new location.

The reason I need to change this location is that the E:smileysad:App) drive that it currently reads from is only 3.9GB. Ideally we want to be able to keep the compliance reports on the server, and view them through the calendar. This will allow us to use the built-in auditing to prove the reports have been viewed. With the limited space, I think we're going to have an issue.


We currently have an HA 2550 appliance, and are running version 4.0. We will be upgrading very soon to an ES. I don't know what the file structure will be on that (other than external storage), but wanted to go ahead and pose this question in case we have the same issue after the upgrade.