Retention calculation via Rest API for Log Data

Discussion created by JohnyBricks on Mar 27, 2013
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Most of the posts on this forum are Packet Centric, I'm posting this to help others on the Log Data side that are trying to get REST apps to work.

I ran this in a cygwin environment but this should work well in any UNIX environment too.

use Time::ParseDate qw(parsedate);

@stat_string =
`/usr/bin/curl --user "xxx:xxx" "http://concentrator_iphttp://concentrator_ip:50105/database/stats:50105/database/stats"`;
foreach $date (@stat_string) {
    if ( $date =~ /meta.oldest.file.time/ ) {
        ( $Year, $Month, $Day ) =
          ( $date =~ /([0-9]{4})-([A-Z]{1}[a-z]{1,4})-([0-9]{2})/ );
        print "Year is $Year Month is $Month Day is $Day\n";

$d1 = "$Day-$Month-$Year";
$d2 = `date  "+%d-%B-%Y"`;

print "The oldest file on record  is '$d1' current date is '$d2'\n";

printf "Currently retaining %d days worth of log data\n",
  ( parsedate($d2) - parsedate($d1) ) / ( 60 * 60 * 24 );


This should print out the amount of days that the SA 10.x environment is retaining.