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SA 10.2 SP1, Licensing and Update Problems

Question asked by raggeler on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2014 by Rajbir Yadav

HI Everyone


I just installed SA 10.2 SP1:

- SA Server

- Concentrator

- Logdecoder


Now there are two issues, maybe somebody else had similar problems:

- I can't license the Logdecoder, whatever I do. It tells me that activation was successfull, but "Licensed" status still sais "no" as well as the system tab on the Logdecoder.

- I can't update the system: "Yum operation failed. The repository is in an invalid state. Please wait until a successful synchronization occurs."


I already tried a lot of things like returning all licenses, deleting license information on the Logdecoder,...that didn't solve the license issue.

Regarding the "repository in an invalid state",...I'm at a loss actually :-)


Anybody got an idea?