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enVision exams contents in VUE?

Discussion created by Fernando Allendes on Nov 29, 2013
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We're an RSA Partner looking for enVision certification, before was only one exam with a lot of info but now the info is poor and now there are 3 exams available in VUE:

050-RSAENVSF03RSA enVision Service Foundation-Level Exam
050-RSAENVSL2-01RSA enVision Service Implementation-Level Exam
050-RSAENVOP01RSA enVision Service Optimization-Level Exam


... and if you look for more information only found language and time limit for each exam:

050-RSAENVSF03    (Service Foundation)  English, 120 minutes.


050-RSAENVSL2-01 (Service Implementation)  English, 60 minutes.

050-RSAENVOP01   (Service Optimization)  English, 60 minutes.


But VUE does not show information about exam contents/topics and the competence level for each one. RSA/EMC websites does not show any info either. I also tried with RSA reps and only mention that is for ASN Partners, there's no problem to be ASN, but no info about exam contents.


Is there a nice soul that give us more information about these enVision exams?


I appreciate your help.


Greetings from Chile,

Fernando Allendes.