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Envision LS fail-over

Discussion created by Rajbir Yadav on Apr 14, 2014
we have an envison setup as per attached diagram, A-srv, D-srv, LC-1 and LC-2 are active site member while one box for A-srv and other box for D-srv are on cold standby. no we want to put this whole architecture on fail over mode. we already have LC-1 and LC-2 on clustering but we know that D-srv and A-srv clustering is not possible. so we want to do something on cold standby server so when active A-srv goes down then we have to do only minor change like IP addressing or latest backup copy or Lan port enabling that ****. Means as of now we want both A-srv online or can be access same D-srv or same Cold standby server will be online and can be accessible from both A-srv or LC.





Can you please guide me on this, how we can configure this as i have discussed or any other way to make active server online as well cold standby server online for the case of fail-over?





for this i have tried to install the same lsconfigurationwizard on standby server but i got that it was not asking about D-srv and in last when lsconfigurationwizard finish i got that none NIC services was installed. i also tried to shutdown the active A-srv and then put the cold A-srv on Active A-srv IP the tried to install then too i got same error. i also tried to install by using D-srv lsconfigurationwizard but then too not success.





Kindly suggest me on this, how we can make this possible?




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