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REST API to reload parsers / feeds?

Question asked by Don Radick on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by Christopher Ahearn

Hi all,


I inherited a Netwitness infrastructure (now at version 10.3.2) - and part of the desired processing is

downloading new feed CSV files, massaging them and creating new custom feeds.  We are using

Python to process this on a Windows server.


After the feeds have been uploaded to the correct Informer directory, the script sends a reload message

to the decoders.  This doesn't look like it's working - here's the line of Python code:


urllib.urlopen('http://' + adminID + ':' + adminPW + '@' + ip_address + ':50104/parsers?msg=feed&op=reload')


I've spent some time in a browser going through decoder/parser/  REST API, and not getting anywhere.


I think the "msg=feed" parameter is correct, but I'm not sure about the "op" parameter.


Here is what the GUI is showing for "op".

op - <string, optional, {enum-one:messages|parameters|description|values|roles|extra}> The specific help operation to perform


I can't seem to get a list of permissible values for this.

Any tips for further GUI exploration of REST or permissible values for "op" ?