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Custom Dashboards

Question asked by RSA Admin Employee on Dec 14, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2014 by RSA Admin

I’m trying to create custom dashboard for Business staff. Has anyone come across these scenarios?

  1. Any template for business specific dashboards
  2. Replacing output value of a query with a custom value. ( for example if the ip is in range, replace the ip value with “HQ building”
  3. For pie charts is it possible to limit the values to a minimum (e.g. ‘5’) in dashboard
  4. How to replicate the changes made in dashboard across all other users who have access to the same.
  5. Can the option “regex” in rules can be tweaked to map an IP to a building, staff ID to a user etc. (I tried but it’s not giving the expected results)
  6. Geo-map location, does this require internet access to google maps from SA box or the connection is made locally from the PC which it is run


Just started using Security Analytics and I'm trying to get more insight into reporting part.

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