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Fault Finding

Discussion created by RSA Admin Employee on Jan 14, 2015
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I have been using this product on but mainly off since the Network Intelligence days.

I've never found the product to be either intuitive or helpful when issues are seen......which is fairly frequently.


Is there a set of logs to look at to see what is not happening, or preventing reports from running?

As we have a set of servers that everyone ignores/avoids because they are just too painful to get any information out of.  It's preferable to use notepad and excel with the logs from source than to use enVision.


This is a shame, as the product does show promise and I have even seen it work properly, once.


So my question to the floor is when trying to run a report, (any report, (including ones that we have had working before)), we get an error that just says "

XSL Runtime Error


Any pointers as to where to look?

Or are we better off with a slide-rule?