Determine total amount of data stored

Discussion created by coltwanger on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by Guy Williams

We are planning on migrating from EnVision since, as we are all aware, it is becoming EOL at the end of this year. We are unaware of our replacement solution at this point, but I am attempting to plan for storage capacity to replace our current NS-120.


When I perform the following command:


lsdata -events syslog -time start end -devices * > c:\output.txt


The resulting total amount of data reported by LSDATA is about 190TB. My assumption is that this is the total amount of raw uncompressed data that we are storing in EnVision. Is it safe to assume that this is correct? If I were to up and move all data from EnVision to another solution, I can expect to have to store 190TB of uncompressed data? Capacity isn't an issue, just trying to plan ahead.


I have heard from the previous admin that EnVision stores the data in duplicate (raw and parsed), and I need to know if the numbers LSDATA is reporting is what I can expect to have to purchase storage for. Support stated to me that they do not store in duplicate, and only store the parsed data -- however, the EDI-ADMIN utility (which doesn't work for me, that's another story) has the option of exporting events as parsed, raw, or both. Would this impact the numbers I'm seeing from LSDATA? Is there an easier way to see the total size of uncompressed data I am storing?