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RSA Analytics 10.5 release with bunch of known issues

Question asked by Rahul Lohar on Jun 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by RSA Link Team (Inactive)

Hi RSA Team,


We are really happy that we will be upgrading our systems to 10.5 release which is being called as very stable release of RSA yet.


I am eager to know what is the reason behind keeping bunch of known issues as its not simple task to check out how many issues are already there even we are on the latest release of any product.


I would really appreciate if you and your team can release automate fix for know issues which you know and can be fixed ASAP.


I have seen the era of RSA Analytics right from version 10.0 release so i am really happy where we stand today as compare with very first release but we need to improve a lot and we are there to provide you inputs on improvement front.


The last question I would ask is, whether it is good to go with RSA Analytics 10.5 now or should wait for another week to see the reviews?