Endpoint Threat Detection with RSA ECAT: Understanding the Full Scope of Attacks

Video created by Jessica Maczuba Employee on Mar 8, 2016

    This is a webcast recording featuring Jared Myers, Researcher and Principal Consultant with the RSA Incident Response team.

    Adversaries and their tactics and procedures continue to become more targeted, dynamic, and sophisticated. Much of the advanced malware and activity is geared toward the endpoint. Why? It's the most human interactive system in a network, making it a prime target. Therefore, organizations need an effective endpoint security strategy that helps security teams expose, analyze and respond to advanced threats faster. 


    Join this webinar to hear an update from one of RSA's Incident Responders, Jared Myers, discuss how RSA’s endpoint threat detection and blocking solution helps security teams understand the full scope of an attack.


    You will also learn how to address endpoint threats by:

    • Detecting malware leveraging behavioral techniques rather than signatures
    • Linking low confidence events to correlate high confidence events
    • Achieving deep endpoint visibility and real-time alerting
    • Using intelligent, risk-level scoring system to prioritize threats
    • Confirming infections quickly and blocking with precision in real time
    • Gathering relevant investigation data quickly